The Game With The Cerulean Blob is a tiny platformer game/tech demo for Game Boy Color. I made it to test out a method for putting stairs and uneven surfaces in GB Studio platformer games.

Web controls

Arrow keys or E,S,D,F to move.

X or K to jump and advance dialogue.

Rom download

You can play the .gbc file by opening it in a Game Boy Color emulator such as SameBoy, bgb, or Emulicious.

To play on hardware you need a flash cart that supports MBC5 and at least 512KB of ROM. No cartridge RAM or battery is required.


The Game With The Cerulean Blob was built using GB Studio 3.2, with a custom platformer engine and a few other tweaks and adjustments. 

The music driver is hUGEDriver.

The web version uses the binjgb emulator.

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ceruleanblob.gbc 512 kB

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